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Everybody is there

Things are different to what you think they are. If you are open to that, you could find a path to something beautiful, just like that. 

Working together with other people might show you new insights, which together can provide new solutions. I would like to show in my work the beauty of working together. 

For my graduation project at Fotoacademie I made a series 'Everybody is there'.

The world knows many challenges regarding the environment, food and interaction with each other. For this project, I have portrayed groups that have given shape to these challenges in a special way. Groups that come to new solutions with minimal resources and maximal creativity.

My photos are an homage to these positive, open-minded individuals.

Next to the photography I do, I give workshops on photography. Participants give me challenge to let them make the best images they can. It is very satisfying if they get even more enthusiastic about photography.

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