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During my stay of 5 years in Italy I discovered people's passion to refine taste and presentation of food. I realized that when people practice what they love, they automatically show their natural beauty. Or in Italian, their 'bellezza'.

Back in Holland I continued to look for people's affection to their interests in work, arts, sports or other things they love to do. I'm happy to show you
through my website the images I made in Italy as well as in Holland .

Thanks to this experience, a course at the Academia di Fotografia in Milan and the study at Fotoacademie in Amsterdam I became specialised in portraits and even more in group portraits. This includes family portraits as well as company related groups. Next to this I give workshops in photography. Participants give me chalenge to let them make the best images they can. In the end they get even more enthusiastic about photography.

Marjory Haringa
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